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This animation was incredible, i loved everything about it, the cute and simple character designs that are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, the colors used that makes it feel so warm and that really makes the lil beast jump out compared to the rest of the world and the cast, the music that fits really well with what's going on on screen, the detailed backgrounds that really makes this look more lively, and the voice acting that remind me of old nostalgic cartoons, i just love everything about it over all. Really glad you were able to finish this and shared it with us, you and your team did an amazing job and you should feel proud, hope you got a good grade from this as well, best of luck with your future endeavors, i know you'll make amazing stuff in the future.

This is funnier than FulpWare


I fucking hope that was me

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It took me around 759 secs to beat the game
It was a fun lil experience ngl, i love the Atari style graphics here, you replicated them really well, and i love how you did it as a take on The Matrix, it's a neat concept to see that reality as more of an 8 bit world. The combat is pretty good and simple which fits for this game, and the opponents are also pretty well made specially the "bosses" of sort, tho nearing the end it does get quite difficult since the AI can easily gang on you and can make it really hard to kill em all and avoid their attacks even while jumping. over all this game was an amazing little experience and i enjoyed it a lot, great job man!

agar3s responds:

759 is a good time!!
Thanks for the good feedback! I really appreciate it.

The game is fun and all, but it gets a bit repetitive after a while, also i beat the game yet i didn't unlock the final medal which was weird, so ig i'll have to do it all again, i don't mind that much tho

This game is so fricking awesome man, i love everything about it. I love the simple controls, you wouldn't think a single attack for each button would work but for this game it does, it's simple and fun and i don't think it needs that many more attacks, it makes the game feel unique and fun. The roster selection is pretty great as well, lots of people i admire in there and people i really need to start following cuz they seem really cool. And man, the music, all the songs in here are pretty funky, specially in the FNF stage, that one has got to be my fav song in the game. The only issues i found so far is that the game is a bit too floaty, i think the floatiness adds to the experience but at times it gets waaaaay too jumpy, i would tone down the gravity a bit, not much tho, the other issue i found is that you can get stuck in some of the platforms, specially on the Ninja Hell stage, but other than that i don't think it really ruins the experience that much. I really loved playing this and it reminded me that i really need to get more involved in the NG community to meet more awesome people in it, y'all did a great job on this masterpiece and i can't wait to see the updates you'll bring to it, specially the campaign, and i can't wait to see what you all work on in the future, i know they will be great and fun projects just like this one

Stepford responds:

Thanks for the really nice comment! <3

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The full tutorial lyrics

Ankha Week 😳

This is the best song in the entire game

Thx for posting it on Newgrounds, now i can finally ascend by listening to Jeff's angelical vocal chords

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Suddenly thirsty for a glass of milk


Goddamn that bakery she's got there looking real good

Also that booba squish is just nnghh 😳

Hi i do shitty mediocre art and i also play flash games because i have nothing else to do with my life.
If you wanna talk to me i warn you that i'm very annoying and unfunny.



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