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I love this so so much when are you getting this on TV. Also found it nice that it also has participation of other people that's sweet

She isn't the only one who got an awakening

Y'all did good, this improved my childhood even more, you're all the best for doing this and i will forever be thankful for it

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This game is pretty fricking c00l!!!1 I did not expct a game about fishing to be interesting but you somehow pulled through and did it, plus honestly imagining Piconjo just casually fishing is pretty funny and makes it better. Also i really love the pixel like artstyle it has, it's pretty pleasing. You totally PWNED!

This is very educational, thank you

The original Castle Crashing the Beard was my childhood, and i didn't know you guys were remastering it until recently, like some months ago, legit can't believe that was already 12 years ago. This new version is amazing, i love the new artstyle in this one, and the mechanics that were implemented like the pets are really cool, of course the new boss attacks are also nice and i didn't expect that fight with "Tom's backup plan", this is a great reimagination of the original and i will surely play this game whenever i'm bored. Great job to everyone on the team, i loved this game.

And of course, rest in peace Sherbert, you were the best <3

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The full tutorial lyrics

Ankha Week 😳

This is the best song in the entire game

Thx for posting it on Newgrounds, now i can finally ascend by listening to Jeff's angelical vocal chords

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His Purpose.

Lmfao i love how it says "horni". I'd love to see this being made into an official thing fr

Have you ever thought that Lucifer does some favors to Loremaster

Hi i do shitty mediocre art and i also play flash games because i have nothing else to do with my life.
If you wanna talk to me i warn you that i'm very annoying and unfunny.



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