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This game is pretty fricking c00l!!!1 I did not expct a game about fishing to be interesting but you somehow pulled through and did it, plus honestly imagining Piconjo just casually fishing is pretty funny and makes it better. Also i really love the pixel like artstyle it has, it's pretty pleasing. You totally PWNED!

This is very educational, thank you

The original Castle Crashing the Beard was my childhood, and i didn't know you guys were remastering it until recently, like some months ago, legit can't believe that was already 12 years ago. This new version is amazing, i love the new artstyle in this one, and the mechanics that were implemented like the pets are really cool, of course the new boss attacks are also nice and i didn't expect that fight with "Tom's backup plan", this is a great reimagination of the original and i will surely play this game whenever i'm bored. Great job to everyone on the team, i loved this game.

And of course, rest in peace Sherbert, you were the best <3

The power of friendship is strong with this one

Ngl i didn't think i would see the Bf lmao

I really hope this becomes a full game, it's so fun and i really want to see what else you can do with this concept

For a short demo you already got me hooked up, i'm curious to see what you're gonna go with this game, can't wait for the full release

This is actually a quite interesting concept for a game, had never seen anything similar to it. It's a fun puzzle game, even if it can get difficult at times it does feel rewarding once you figure out what to do and complete a level, and the art just compliments the game very well, really great experience overall.

I got all the medals and all i can say is i hate this game
Thanks for making it

Seeing a flash game inspired by Nier is amazing, never thought i would see the day. The pixel art is really appealing with it's simplicity and all. The gameplay is really fun and i really love those bullet hell type games, they are just so addictive. The way the difficulty increases makes it more rewarding when you actually beat a level, it's just a nice feeling. If you ever make a continuation to this game like the end teases i'm gonna definitely play it inmediately

Yword responds:

Thank you very much for playing! I'm glad you liked it.

Hi i do shitty mediocre art and i also play flash games because i have nothing else to do with my life.
If you wanna talk to me i warn you that i'm very annoying and unfunny.



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