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Hi i do shitty mediocre art and i also play flash games because i have nothing else to do with my life.
If you wanna talk to me i warn you that i'm very annoying and unfunny.



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Sprunkzy's News

Posted by Sprunkzy - November 16th, 2021

The internet is finally at peace

Mr Pedo skeleman's gone

We can be free from his horrible actions plus his gross ass artstyle

Big W for the internetiu_474101_8796721.webp


Posted by Sprunkzy - October 16th, 2021

i think you're all really cool but i'm too shy so i don't know how to interact really well, just wish i could get to know some of you better if i wasn't just a fucking cringe piss ass pussy baby so yeah now i'm going to go back to existing in silence bye haha


Posted by Sprunkzy - September 29th, 2021

i'm dying on this hill

(BTW Twitter people need to get a sense of humor, not all jokes are gonna work the same, cursed jokes aren't funny because they're cursed)



Posted by Sprunkzy - June 17th, 2021

I always know this stuff is going to happen, yet i'm never ready for it. Scott Cawthon has definitely been a big inspiration in my life, even after what happened, i'm sad seeing him go but at the same time happy that he can spend more time with his family now, he made a pretty good indie horror franchise, it's time for him to rest and to let go. I know most of you might not give a shit about this but since he was a big influence in my life it has affected my mood quite a bit, as if it wasn't bad before, and i really needed to express my feelings about this. Of course Fnaf is still gonna continue, but it definitely won't feel the same without him.

Goodbye Scott, see you on the next night.


Posted by Sprunkzy - April 23rd, 2021

local funny military man says ugh

becomes a millionaire in under 30 seconds


when asked what he felt about this he proceeded to make comedic comments about male genitalia

this and more tonight at fox news


Posted by Sprunkzy - April 23rd, 2021

guns is the best song of week 7, this is a fact, it has been scientifically proven

also i have no motivation for anything so don't expect more sneak peeks at the drawing i was doing

eat my shorts

Posted by Sprunkzy - April 18th, 2021

I saw Newgrounds die in front of me while i was trying to listen to some tunes, i had no idea Week 7 was out

It was very traumatizing, you can't just recover from a death like that

it's back but the memory persists

newgrounds my beloved :(


Posted by Sprunkzy - March 31st, 2021

It's time to repent.


Too bad i have the game on console and i have to wait lmaooo

Posted by Sprunkzy - March 30th, 2021

i hate my life and i want to die

i ain't got no iphone

my heart is breaking

thinking suicide

i ain't got no iphone

Posted by Sprunkzy - March 24th, 2021

couldn't be me son